a cup of tea 複数形

'Kiss me. 体重減らすためになんでランニング始めないの? Tea at once! The footman held the door of the car open, and a moment later they were skimming through the dusk.

Supposing she did do one of those things she was always reading about or seeing on the stage, what would happen? There was a whisper that sounded like 'Very good, madam,' and the crushed hat was taken off. And she was followed to the car by a thin shop-girl staggering under an immense white paper armful that looked like a baby in long clothes.... One winter afternoon she had been buying something in a little antique shop in Curzon Street. The discreet door shut with a click. 'You may, little wasteful one,' said he. But at the very instant of thinking that, a young girl, thin, dark, shadowy--where had she come from? And I shall arrange something. We'll have tea and you'll tell me everything. Élémentaire (35) Apply Élémentaire filter ; Classe .

Rosemary lit a fresh cigarette; it was time to begin. I decided--, 'But,' said Philip slowly, and he cut the end of a cigar, 'she's so astonishingly pretty. Rosemary had just done her hair, darkened her eyes a little, and put on her pearls. I shall go off, madam, if I don't have something.'.

'I daren't, madam,' said the girl, and she edged backwards. As for herself she didn't eat; she smoked and looked away tactfully so that the other should not be shy. It's a cup of tea I want, madam.' She stared at a plump tea-kettle like a plump hen above the shopman's head, and her voice was dreamy as she answered: 'Well, keep it for me--will you?

She opened a drawer and took out five pound notes, looked at them, put two back, and holding the three squeezed in her hand, she went back to her bedroom.

The big eyes were raised to him, but Rosemary answered for her: 'Of course she will.' I shall do away with myself. And then the man who kept it was ridiculously fond of serving her. AIl the same, there was something... 'You see, madam,' he would explain in his low respectful tones, 'I love my things. Twenty-eight guineas. The other scarcely helped her at all. I never drink brandy. 'Do you like me?' It simply can't be done. 2)Do you want two (  ) of  hot chocolate? And 'There!' But still she waited. All Rights Reserved. And one is so much more comfortable without a hat, isn't one?'. 私にお茶を 1 杯持ってきて, それから運転手にも 1 杯持っていってください. Cup of Tea; Cup of Tea. 'Give me those stumpy little tulips. Look after her. I would rather not part with them than sell them to someone who does not appreciate them, who has not that fine feeling which is so rare....' And, breathing deeply, he unrolled a tiny square of blue velvet and pressed it on the glass counter with his pale finger-tips. ', Philip put down the paper. 'Vile. He clasped his hands; he was so gratified he could scarcely speak. 'Philip,' she whispered, and she pressed his head against her bosom, 'am I pretty? 'As a matter of fact,' said he, 'I wanted you to come into the library for a moment. She had a feeling of triumph as she slipped her hand through the velvet strap. 'Why won't you? B.I prefer swimming,running is not really my cup of tea. ', Rosemary, laughing, leaned against the door and said: 'I picked her up in Curzon Street. ', 'I knew you'd say that,' retorted Rosemary. Tea is our favourite topic and we can look back on two decades of experience . cup of tea お茶[紅茶]1杯 好きなもの、好み、好物、気に入ったもの、お気に入り 【用法】one's cup of ... - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。 'Don't cry.' Rosemary had been married two years. in the tea industry. some tea いくらかのお茶 <例文> Would you like another cup of tea?

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