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很多人學習英語都是為了應付考試,所以通常都比較重視在讀跟寫,聽力與口說能力就相對較弱,如果有想要加強自己的英語聽力,可以考慮下載這款「Listen English Daily Practice」,裡頭提供有超過 1500 篇的英語文章,各式各樣的內容都有,讓你每天聽都聽不完! As writers, they like a structure that is compact .

Telephone English tips/請不要掛斷!電話英語提示, Accept or Except? ¨a®`¤¤´_­ì, L08: Brain Scans of Young Children Predict Reading Problems.

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(3) 文章中的單字與句子都非常實用,多背單字與句子,改善閱讀與寫作能力 L01: The World at 7 Billion, and Growing 世界人口達七十億,並且持續成長中 L02: How an Allowance Helps …

He wrote and published the essay under notable 's name . English for relationships/我們可以只當朋友嗎?男女朋友關係的英語, Your boarding pass, please - Essential travel English/請出示您的登機證-基本的旅遊英語, On the rocks? 大部份文章都有聲音檔 [script reading] 的新聞網站,也有政治、文化、科技類文章、故難度較高,同學可斟酌聽取文章重點,再對照原文。 或選擇先閱讀理解文章中的關鍵字和大意,再聽取 script reading, 評量 … (短篇論著) essay; article 一篇批評文章 a critical essay2. I can toss off my article for the local newspaper in half an hour . You shouldn't use too many i 's in writing .

Talks and articles should all be concise and to the point . 商務英語會議議程英語短句 : 專案討論會議英文對話 : 商務會議常用英文會話-2: 商用英文職稱中英文對照: 商用英文課程概況之會議: 商務會議常用英文會話-3: 國際會議英語口語100句 (第一~三章) 國際會議英語口語100句 (第四~六章) 商務會議常用英文會話-4 L10: Lighthouses Keep Watch Over the North Carolina Coast, L11: How to Stay Warm and Safe in Freezing Weather, L12: Slow and Gentle Are Best in Treating Hypothermia. Money talks! Need a good laugh? 5 fast ways to improve your TOEFL score/5種改善你TOEFL成績的方法, Meet Pia, your new English Teacher!/現在就快來跟你的新英文老師Pia見面吧!, Top 5 vacation spots to learn English/5個最受歡迎且學英語的地方, How to enjoy the Olympics in English/如何用英語來享受奧運的樂趣, Great games to improve your English/玩遊戲學好英文, 7 Secrets of Business Communication/商業傳訊的七種秘訣, I love you! When he writes his thoughts naturally find proper words . (暗含的意思) hidden meaning; implied meaning 其中大有文章。 The Top 10 Confusing English Words/接受或反對?前十大容易混淆的字, Can we just be friends? Saving money in English

/你會運用英文來操作電腦嗎? Can you use a computer in English? English.com.tw 是一個會員互助 學英文 學英語 的英語學習網,所有功能及服務絕對完全免費。免費加入成為 English.com.tw 會員,成為我們大家庭的一員,學英文以嚴然成為全民運動了,您可不要落後了。

Check out these 5 funny English sayings!/你需要引人慧心一笑嗎?看一看這五種有趣的英語諺語!, Englishtown breaks world record!/Englishtown打破世界紀錄!. Do you speak Bush's English or Kerry's?/你說Bush式或Kerry式英文? Top 10 English bartending terms/加冰塊嗎?10句最常用的酒吧術語. English for romance/I love you!戀愛英語, Don't hang up!

Make sure of your facts before you write the article . [英文爱情文章] 爱情的世界很大也很小 日期:2011-02-24 11:05:32 点击:266710 评论:145 The love world is big, which can hold hundreds of disappointments; the love world is small which is crowded even with three people inside.


L09: Should All US Students Learn the Same Thing?

In writing an essay one must do a lot of pruning . (著作) literary works; writings 有許多關于英語閱讀教學方面的文章。 there are a lot of writings dealing with the teaching of english reading.3.


Translate text from any Microsoft Office Product. /金錢會說話!運用英語來存錢, Meet Tim, your new English teacher/與你的新英語老師Tim見面, Meet Bonita, your new English teacher/和你的新英語老師Bonita見面, Aim for English in the Year of the Rooster/為你的英語在金雞年訂下一個使命, Meet Brooke, your new English teacher/與你新的英語老師Brooke見面, Learn English through surgery?/學習英語需要靠外科手術嗎?, Meet Daniel, your new English teacher/與你的新英文老師Daniel見面, Meet Nick, your new English teacher/與你新的英語老師Nick見面, Making the most of Halloween in English/豐富你的萬聖節英文. "文章" 英文翻譯 : 1. ". 英語資源和精華文章, English.com.tw = English(英語) + .com(網際網路) + .tw(台灣) .

"now let me behold the curious pens with which you have written your work.

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